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What is polyurethane tire?

polyurethane tire

Polyurethane tire is a product made of polyurethane, usually in the form of a ring with an inner steel insert (sometimes without an insert), in some cases a belt. Such a polyurethane ring is put on some technical units (assemblies) or structures in the technique to increase the strength of such a structure (assembly) or to reduce the wear of this part. Just like in cars. When the tire is erased, then you change it and not the entire wheel assembly (drive and tire).

Polyurethane tire are increasingly found in various industrial, engineering and agro business. Such tire are quick-detachable. In case you damage the surface of such a wheel (product), then you will just need to change the retaining ring, and you can again start to work. Repair of this type will be much cheaper than if you had to buy a new wheel. This practice is used by railways of all countries where steel tires are worn on the wheels of vehicles.

Technical polyurethane tires (they are also transport) are used for transporting large loads, where the wheels with inflatable tires are simply not able to bear such weight. At various factories, use rolling bands that are put on the shaft.

Where to buy polyurethane tire?

polyurethane tire

Tomix Group polyurethane plant manufactures tires of polyurethane for various industrial fields. You can order this product from us according to your desired size or according to the drawings. We can make polyurethane tires of pure polyurethane as well as with a steel insert inside the product.

Polyurethane tires
Polyurethane tire
Polyurethane tires
Polyurethane tires
Industrial polyurethane tires
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