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Polyurethane wheels

Polyurethane wheels

Recently, polyurethane has ceased to be a myth, and has become a real lifeline for entrepreneurs who know how to count their money. After all, the wheels made of polyurethane, due to their physicomechanical properties, are much stronger, more durable, wear-resistant to aggressive media and ultraviolet, and hence the technology where they are used does not stop for repair or replacement of such a wheel. Polyurethane itself has long been on the European market, but prices for such products are not cheap.
So how to be? It's simple! There are a number of polyurethane companies in the Ukrainian market and we are one of such companies. The plant of polyurethane products LLC Tomix-group manufactures polyurethane wheels in Ukraine. We have extensive experience in the manufacture of high-quality polyurethane wheels for all kinds of warehouse equipment, such as: stackers; loaders; wheelbarrows; electric cars. We also manufacture wheels for the mining and processing industry, where they are used for conveyor lines.

Polyurethane wheels for warehouse equipment

Polyurethane wheels for warehouse equipment Quite often in construction hypermarkets or in closed warehouses we can meet warehouse equipment, such as: trolleys, pallet jacks, loaders, electric cars, elevators and much more. On this technique, the manufacturer did not put the rubber wheels, which, like on cars, are inflated with air, and the wheels in the form of a disc with a gummed coating of this disc. As a rule, such a disk is covered with rubber, not polyurethane. These wheels do not have air inside and are not able to absorb surface irregularities. This equipment is designed exclusively for work on flat concrete floors. These wheels are distinguished by their simplicity, low weight, withstand heavy loads and do not have a roll when transporting or lifting cargo.
As exploitation the rubber coating quickly wears out and you have to buy new wheels for warehouse equipment. These wheels are not cheap! And in order to satisfy the needs of the market and our partners in various trade areas, the company Tomix-Group has developed wheels with a polyurethane coating and successfully sells them not only in the Ukrainian market, but also in European markets too. Our polyurethane wheels have shown greater reliability, durability, and increased resistance to abrasion. These indicators reflect the status of our company and its readiness to cooperate in the global markets of polyurethane products. The wheels with a polyurethane coating are stronger, more durable, wear-resistant in aggressive environments, they are not afraid of ultraviolet, salty air, and have an increased resistance to abrasion.
It is very easy to buy polyurethane wheels; you just need to contact our managers, get competent advice and make your order.


Restore wheels with polyurethane

Today, thanks to modern equipment and a rigorously sustained technical process, we can restore your worn old wheels. The most important thing is that now you do not need to buy a new wheel assembly with a disc, which is very expensive. You simply send us your old disk (wheel) and in a few days you will get your wheel back, but with a new polyurethane layer.

At first glance, the restoration of the polyurethane wheel seems to be easy, but in practice these are years of testing, modern equipment and high-quality polyurethane materials. Before applying polyurethane on the disc, we must prepare this disc. After casting, such a wheel enters the turning shop, where it passes the beating adjustment. Only after that it will fall into your hands and lead a long, carefree life on your equipment (equipment).

Restoration of wheels with polyurethane is a cheap, fast, reliable way to return to your product a second, and someday, a third life.

Restored polyurethane wheel for stacker
Wheel restored by polyurethane.
Polyurethane wheel after restoration.
Wheel with a polyurethane layer.
Polyurethane wheel for loaders.
Polyurethane wheels
Polyurethane wheel for Pallet jacks.
Polyurethane wheel

Where are polyurethane wheels used?

  • In the industrial sphere, polyurethane wheels are installed on a variety of warehouse equipment. Such as: pallet jacks, loaders, stackers, lifts.
  • polyurethane rolling wheels for conveyor lines.
  • polyurethane wheels are used for metal, where they have a large load.
  • as choke guides in the mining industry.
  • for moving crane beams and many other moving structures
  • for agricultural machinery, rollers (wheels) for caterpillars.

How to choose and buy polyurethane wheels?

The choice of polyurethane wheels is very similar to the choice of tires for the car. You should also know where you set the wheels of polyurethane, the size of the wheel and in what conditions the wheel will be operated. In addition, the price of the wheels can be very different. It is possible that expensive products will not meet the quality assigned to them. Much depends on the polymers (polyurethane), which is used for the production of wheels with a polyurethane coating and quite an important aspect is compliance with the technical regulations during production. Naturally, you, as a consumer, cannot know all this like how your phone works! You rely on the manufacturer, its brand, reputation, experience, feedback from loyal customers working with it. And rightly so, try to buy polyurethane wheels in companies that give a guarantee on their products. Today Tomics-Group cooperates with more than 360 large companies that have chosen us as their polyurethane partner and have been satisfied with the quality of our products.

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