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Polyurethane couplings

Polyurethane coupling has a high damping and electrical insulating ability. This clutch is easy to manufacture and reliable in operation. Soft clutches are used to compensate for misalignment when joining production components, as well as smoother equipment engagement. Polyurethane clutch is very common when transmitting torque from electric motors to various actuators. We manufacture polyurethane couplings according to customer drawings. We also have our own metalworking workshop for the manufacture of molds for various types of products, which reduces the cost and speeds up the production of final products.

Characteristics of the material:

  • Polyurethane coupling does not conduct electrical current.
  • It has a small coefficient of friction.
  • Polyurethane coupling is easy to manufacture.
  • Polyurethane coupling is durable.
  • Elastic and resistant to high dynamic loads.

Polyurethane couplings.
Polyurethane couplings.
Polyurethane couplings.
Polyurethane couplings.
Polyurethane damper coupling.
Polyurethane coupling.
Polyurethane couplings.
Polyurethane coupling.
Polyurethane coupling.

Scope of application:

  • As a damper in the transmission of torque.
  • As a compensator non-alignment when docking production components.
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