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Polyurethane sheets

 polyurethane sheets

Polyurethane sheets - are products from a material based on polymeric compounds, usually made in the form of a sheet or plate, up to 2000 mm wide, up to 6000 mm long and from 3 to 100 mm thick. The dimensions of this sheet of polyurethane can be changed by the customer. Hardness on a scale Shor is adjusted individually for specific tasks associated with the use of polyurethane sheet.

Sheets made of polyurethane are actively used by industrial and agricultural enterprises. There is no such industry where sheets of polyurethane would not be used for linings or for protecting equipment from abrasive wear. In cases where production requires a material with high wear resistance, durability, high elasticity, resistance to ultraviolet radiation, as well as drying under the influence of the environment, polyurethane sheets and plates are the undisputed leader because they combine all these properties. In addition, the polyurethane sheet has an increased resistance to shock, dynamic loads, low friction coefficient and high tensile strength. Such sheets are used to protect the metal under heavy mechanical loads and in aggressive environments.

 polyurethane sheet

If your company still uses rubber sheets or plates, plastic analogues or steel sheets, then most likely this protection is ineffective and you can easily switch to sheets of polyurethane. As a result, it will reduce your expenses at the enterprise, because polyurethane sheets are durable and will last you many times longer than rubber or any other. In this case, your equipment will work many times longer without problems, and savings due to frequent stops for repairs or lining (protection) will be an additional advantage to savings.

 polyurethane sheet 6 meters

Tomix Group has a modern production line, which allows us to produce polyurethane sheets with a length of 6 meters and a thickness of up to 800mm.

At our company you can order polyurethane sheets of European materials, of various configurations and with specified characteristics. We also offer sheets reinforced with expanded metal mesh to improve the quality properties of polyurethane and the most efficient operation.

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The process of making polyurethane sheet

Lining with polyurethane sheets

Lining with polyurethane sheets of various items of equipment allows you to simply solve the problem of abrasive wear. Polyurethane lining can be replaced much faster and more profitable than metal sheet or other protective equipment.
Polyurethane plates and sheets replace rubber technical plates, steel and plastic sheets in various technological processes with a comprehensive solution to the problem of abrasive wear, impact loads, sticking of the material.
Our clients from mining companies sheathe a bunker with polyurethane sheet (from the inside) into which heavy rocks of minerals fall, thereby ensuring the durability of their bunker tenfold. After all, heavy rocks are already working on polyurethane, and for this elastomer it is a very small load. What once again makes polyurethane a leader among the rubbers, and especially plastic or metals.

Agricultural enterprises often order polyurethane sheets at our enterprise for lining gravity equipment, which allows to preserve metal structures from premature wear and save on frequent repairs or replacement of worn gravity flows. In addition, the polyurethane lining allows you to save grain, and this means an additional benefit due to the preservation of grain grade at elevators.

Polyurethane sheets
Reinforced polyurethane sheet
Reinforced polyurethane sheet
Polyurethane sheet
Polyurethane sheet
Polyurethane sheet 6 meters
Polyurethane sheet 6 meters
Polyurethane sheets
Polyurethane sheets
Reinforced polyurethane sheets
Polyurethane sheets
Reinforced polyurethane sheet
Polyurethane sheet

Where is polyurethane sheet used?

  • Dielectric mats.
  • In the production of vibration-resistant parts from polyurethanes.
  • Wear-resistant lining sheets of polyurethane for conveyors, gravity flows, transfer points, etc.
  • Lining polyurethane sheets of bunkers, grooves, cyclones, vibratory trays, chutes, containers for various purposes (protection against abrasion, sticking and freezing of the material).
  • Floor covering with polyurethane sheets to reduce vibration and sound insulation.
  • Elastic polyurethane gaskets, lining for various purposes with high wear resistance.
  • Repair of soles plates from polyurethane.
  • Polyurethane dampers, shock absorbers, vibration dampers and compensators.
  • As a blank for the manufacture of gaskets, strips and other wear assemblies, parts and spare parts from polyurethane sheet.
  • Punching plates made of sheet polyurethane and buffer are used in stamping, cutting, bending parts from steel with a thickness of up to 6 mm.
  • Reinforced polyurethane sheets are used for lining square gravity elevators.
  • Elastic polyurethane scrapers for conveyor belts

How to choose and order polyurethane sheets?

  • What is the best size to order?
  • How to attach polyurethane to the metal surface?
  • What hardness need polyurethane?
  • Allowable load on a sheet of polyurethane?

If you are worried about the above and many other questions - That is absolutely logical. After all, polyurethane is also of different quality. In different operating conditions, the same polyurethane, but different in hardness will work differently, as a result, it may turn out that the incorrectly adjusted softness of polyurethane will affect its durability.
Turning to the Tomix Group, you will receive extensive advice from our experts on all issues of interest to you, as well as select the best polyurethane for your needs.

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