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Other polyurethane products

Tomix Group manufactures polyurethane cuffs, special plates for conveyors for transporting glass, and many other products from polyurethane. We make products and forms for them according to your drawings.

 Polyurethane punch.
 Polyurethane boot for automobile CV Joints
 Pad for the lift from polyurethane.
 The pad is polyurethane.
 Polyurethane rods, spacers, gears.
 Polyurethane cover for car lift.
 Polyurethane overlay for car lift.
 Brake shoe.
 Polyurethane liner.
 Polyurethane pulley.
 Polyurethane pulley.
 Polyurethane mounting shoe.
 Polyurethane mounting pad.
 Clamping pad of polyurethane.
 Polyurethane overlay for the equipment.
 Polyurethane sealing cuff.
 Coupling half pump.
 Wiper polyurethane gaskets.
 Polyurethane guide plates.
 Polyurethane elements.
 Polyurethane cuffs.
 Polyurethane hammer.
 Polyurethane grain clamp.
 Polyurethane pulley.
 Polyurethane scraper
 Polyurethane rings.
 Polyurethane plates.
 Polyurethane bushings.
 Polyurethane sealant.
 Polyurethane spacers.

We produce:

  • Polyurethane cuffs.
  • Guide rollers.
  • We produce polyurethane plates.
  • We produce polyurethane sieves 'Blind sieve'.
  • We make a polyurethane sieve for sifting by size from the customer.
  • Polyurethane punch
  • Cover for polyurethane lift
  • Polyurethane rods, spacers, gears
  • Brake shoe
  • Polyurethane liner
  • Polyurethane Pulley
  • Polyurethane Couplings
  • Polyurethane Clamping Pad
  • Polyurethane hammer
  • Polyurethane grain clamp
  • Tumbling drum
  • Polyurethane rings
  • Polyurethane bushings
  • Polyurethane sealant
  • Polyurethane spacers
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