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Polyurethane rollers

 polyurethane rollers

Polyurethane roller - is a wheel of small diameter, as a rule, with a bearing inside and with a polyurethane layer applied on its outer part.
Rollers may differ in their purpose. After all, they are: rolling, stretch, supporting (from sagging), transport, guides. Of course, the rollers are not only polyurethane. Often you can find such products from rubber, silicones, plastics, iron, etc.

Tomix Group makes and restores rollers by a polyurethane layer. Why polyurethane? Yes, because it is great for making rollers. But what is more pleasing is the operational properties of this material. After all, a properly selected elastomer can serve you 5 times longer without losing its mechanical and chemical properties than rubber. This means that the use of polyurethane products will reduce your costs associated with the repair and replacement of parts and assemblies, as well as increase the life and performance of your equipment. Just contact us and we will return a second life for your equipment.

We produce polyurethane rollers for pallet jack 80x70 carts and other sizes.

 polyurethane rollers for pallet jack

Our plant not only restores worn-out products with polyurethane, but it also produces finished products in the form of rollers with a polyurethane coating for hydraulic trolleys. The rollers have the following dimensions: 80x70, 60x70, 85x75, 80x110, and we also manufacture these products according to individual sizes. Polyurethane rollers, at the request of the customer, can be completed with bearings. All products are made on high-tech equipment, meet all standards and specifications adopted for this type of product.

What polyurethane products do we produce?

  • Production of transport rollers from polyurethane for lines of transportation and washing of double-glazed windows.
  • Manufacturing pulling rollers with a polyurethane layer.
  • Rolling rollers for the supply of metal in warehouses and production.
  • Rollers for pallet jack.
  • Polyurethane coating on rollers for stackers, reach trucks, manipulators and other warehouse equipment.

 Polyurethane rollers with bearings.
 The roller directing after restoration by polyurethane.
 Polyurethane roller with bearing for pallet jack.
 Restoration roller polyurethane.
 Polyurethane lining of the rolling roller.
 Roller with polyurethane coating after restoration.
 Polyurethane roller.
 Polyurethane rollers after restoration with polyurethane.

Where are polyurethane rollers used?

  • in the industrial sphere, polyurethane rollers are installed on a variety of storage equipment. Such as: pallet jack, electric loaders, lifts.
  • polyurethane rollers for conveyor lines.
  • polyurethane rollers for glass transporting lines.
  • for the rental of paper products.
  • rollers for metal.
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