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Polyurethane scrapers and blade

Scrapers and blades made of polyurethane have increased wear resistance compared to rubber or iron. Due to the reduced coefficient of friction, they do not spoil the conveyor belt and are resistant to material sticking to them, and it is these properties that make polyurethane so popular in the manufacturing sector. We also produce scrapers with a metal base, thus the very base of the scraper (blade) remains rigid, while the contact surface is elastic and soft. Polyurethane scrapers and blades are made according to your drawings.

You can order polyurethane scrapers, polyurethane blades, and other polyurethane products at the Tomix plant, just call our managers, or send us an email and our managers will select the best material for your needs so that your polyurethane product will serve you for many years.

Characteristics of the material:

  • Polyurethane scrapers (blades, cleaners) are resistant to sticking of the material.
  • The possibility of making an elastic scraper with a metal base.
  • Small cost, unlike metal scrapers.
  • Less weight of the product in comparison with analogues.
  • Polyurethane scrapers (blades, cleaners) do not break off.
  • The big term of operation in comparison with analogs.

Polyurethane blade
Polyurethane scrapers
Polyurethane scraper according to customer drawings.
Polyurethane scrapers
Polyurethane blade
Polyurethane blade
Polyurethane blade
Polyurethane scrapers
Polyurethane scrapers
Polyurethane scrapers
Polyurethane scraper
Scrapers for cleaning conveyor lines.

Scope of application:

  • Polyurethane blades in mixing bins.
  • Polyurethane scrapers for cleaning conveyor belts.
  • Devices for screening materials.
  • Polyurethane pads for cleaning drums, rollers, rollers.
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