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Polyurethane rods

In recent years, the word polyurethane is widely known, as you have often heard on the Internet open spaces such phrases as: polyurethane rod or polyurethane round. Let's analyze together what kind of a miracle a polymer is and why is it manufactured in the form of a rod?

 polyurethane rods

Polyurethane rod is heterochain polymer (what is polyurethane?) In the form of a rod or round. In the form of a rod, it is only because such a form is very easy to fix in a lathe for further processing. In some cases, such rods are on industrial (quarry, agricultural) equipment in the form of a damper, as impact absorbers. Thus reducing the load on the iron elements. For example: as in the car silent blocks.

Rods made of polyurethane of class A with a hardness of 90 Shore and above, are easily amenable to turning, cutting, grinding, drilling. Thus, from this product, the turner can easily grind the product you need according to your drawings. By the way, our company has a turning shop. And you can order from us not just a polyurethane rod, but finished products in the form of a product after turning.

Tomix Group makes polyurethane rods to the size of the customer, and we also adjust the material hardness to the conditions in which it will work most favorably with your equipment. As a result, you get a long-term work of your equipment and you do not have to stop working process for repair, because polyurethane is ten times more durable than rubber, not afraid of gasoline, oil, and many other aggressive media. What makes him the absolute leader.

Characteristics and properties of the polyurethane rod:

  • maximum length: 1500 mm.
  • maximum diameter: 300 mm.
  • Shore A hardness from 50 to 95 Shore.
  • Shore hardness D 70 units.

If you need to make rods of polyurethane according to individual sizes? You can call us and clarify the terms of such an order, as well as find out the dates and cost of its implementation.

 Polyurethane rods
 Polyurethane rods
 Polyurethane rods
 Polyurethane rods to order
 Polyurethane rods
 We make rods from polyurethane
 Polyurethane rods to size from the customer
 Polyurethane rods
 Polyurethane rods

Where are polyurethane rods used?

Every year, in all areas of industry, polyurethane confidently pushes back rubber. In the mining and processing industry and in the quarries, polyurethane screens are made from polyurethane for screens, they sift the rocks of the earth to filter out the fraction of minerals. In the auto industry - silent blocks, supports, damper. Construction companies and individuals order such rods, but only in certain sizes for excavators. These rods are used as a damper in the rotary mechanism of the excavator. From our experience, this item does not break for 7 years of active use. We believe that these polyurethane rods will last at least another 7 years. Therefore, if you encounter such a problem, then we advise you to switch to polyurethane.

In heavy and light industry, polyurethane rods are often used.

    For example:
  • Gaskets for various areas.
  • As springs for stamping production.
  • Manufacturing cuffs for pneumatic and hydraulic cylinders.
  • Manufacturing products on a lathe.
  • Damper, shock absorbers.
  • As not complex rollers and other bodies of rotation.

How to buy a polyurethane rod?

If you have made your choice and want to make an order, then just contact us and you will receive competent advice from our specialists. Remember that polyurethane (material) can also be different (cheap and expensive, soft and hard), and under dynamic loads it can manifest its properties in different ways.

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