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Polyurethane shafts

In the modern world, polyurethane is widely used absolutely in all industrial sectors without exception. He gained this popularity due to his mechanical properties and characteristics. If you compare polyurethane with other materials (rubber, metal, plastic and others), then it has a significant advantage over them - it is not subject to deformation even when it is affected by low temperature, that is, it retains its elastic properties even at -50 degrees Celsius In addition, such products are characterized by: resistance to the effects of various aggressive liquids, frost, petroleum products, as well as 100% protection against microorganisms and ultraviolet exposure. That is why polyurethane products (shafts, wheels, sheets, sieves, couplings, scrapers for conveyor lines and other products) that were produced with strict adherence to technology, do not become covered with mold and do not crack.

Tomix Group restores the worn surface of the shaft, by applying a polyurethane coating on it. But before you start gumming the shaft with polyurethane, it will go to the metalworking workshop, where our specialists will prepare it for the polymerization stage. Now you do not need to spend significant money on the purchase of a new shaft. Just contact us and we will return a second life for your products.

We offer:

  • Production of polyurethane shafts for transportation lines.
  • Restoration of polyurethane coating on the shafts.
  • Restoration of polyurethane coating broaching shafts for the lines of lamination profiles.
  • All products are manufactured on high-tech equipment meet all standards and specifications adopted for this type of product.

Polyurethane shaft.
Polyurethane shaft.
Rolled polyurethane shafts.
Polyurethane shafts.
Polyurethane shafts.
Polyurethane shafts after restoration.

Scope of application:

Polyurethane shafts are very widely used in various industrial sectors and for operation in aggressive environments, with sharp temperature changes. Such products from polyurethane are found on such equipment as: various conveyor lines, rental of paper products and rolled metal. And most in demand in the following industries:

  • food industry
  • printing industry
  • nuclear power
  • mining industry
  • engineering
  • leather industry
  • chemical industry
  • paper industry
  • construction industry
  • oil industry
  • wood industry
  • metal industry
  • textile industry

Restoration of the rolling shaft with polyurethane

All mechanisms, including rolling shafts, sooner or later wear out, especially with regard to their working surface, which, as a rule, has physical contact with another surface. The surface of such a product is abraded, or becomes unusable under the influence of the environment over a long time. But today you no longer need to throw the worn-out part to the dump. Restoration of the shaft with polyurethane allows you to restore the contact layer and save the part itself, which, in turn, makes it possible to save both time and money. Therefore, if you are interested in the restoration of the rolling shaft, please contact Tomix Group polyurethane plant.

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