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Restoration with polyurethane

 polyurethane roller after restoration

Restoration of a polyurethane coating is the process of machining a product by completely cleaning the part from old rubber or the old (worn) polyurethane layer and applying a new polyurethane coating. As a rule, this process takes place in four stages. We cannot tell you all the subtleties and secrets, but we will briefly introduce you.

  • Mechanical cleaning of the old product from the remnants of rubber or polyurethane on it.
  • The part undergoes preliminary preparation (special glue, drying the part in the chamber, etc.) before applying a polyurethane layer on it.
  • Applying a polyurethane coating on the surface or inside the product itself.
  • Polymerization of the material in the product, in simple words, the solidification of polyurethane.

Restoration with polyurethane

 lever after recovery with polyurethane

Restoration of various levers, bushings, support pads, is about the same as the rollers, with the only difference that the material is poured inside the lever, that is, the product itself is practically the form.
Before pouring such products, it is imperative to calculate the stiffness of the material so that the vibration is jammed on such a part and not transferred through it.

The process of restoration products polyurethane.

It would seem simple! But it is not as simple as it seems at first glance, because there are different brands of polyurethane and each of them requires its own technology, and its own temperature. And of course, the temperature and hardening time of the polyurethane mass. After all, if the technology is broken, then the material loses its strength and elasticity at the molecular level. It is worth remembering that the molecular structure of the material is formed in the first minutes of mixing of several polyurethane components. In general, there are a lot of technical aspects, therefore we advise you to order services for the restoration of polyurethane products in proven companies, where the company's long-term experience directly affects the quality of the services provided.

The specialists of Tomix Group manufacture and restore products from polyurethane and have extensive experience in this field. We use only the highest quality polyurethane raw materials from global manufacturers. Thanks to our own turning shop, work on the machining of parts and polyurethane coatings becomes faster and, as a result, cheaper for the end user.
If you need to breathe a second life into your equipment, then you are on the right track. The Tomix Group company will gladly help you with this.

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The process of removing the old polyurethane layer from the wheel and roller.

The view shows a roller and a wheel from warehouse equipment. As you can see, the old polyurethane layer can be easily turned on a lathe. After the worn layer is removed from the part. This part will undergo chemical and heat treatment (such operations are kept secret, so we don’t show this in the video). Well and at the final stage drawing a polyurethane layer on the wheel, roller and other products.

 Lever before and after recovery with polyurethane
 Support before and after recovery with polyurethane
 Wheels before and after restoration with polyurethane
 Rollers before and after recovery with polyurethane
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